Carolina Panthers 2016 National Football League schedule: Cats take a step back

There is the obvious change with the Broncos at quarterback after retired and left via free agency for the .

In 50, Fowler found the end zone on the Broncos’ two-point conversion attempt to put Denver up two touchdowns.

Denver beat Carolina 24-10 in February in the Super Bowl, Manning’s final game.

There will be at least an element of that as the Broncos open up at home against the Sept. 8. There is no doubt that the Cardinals are going to come back full force and not let the Panthers run over them again.

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Among the highlights for opening weekend is the Rams’ return to representing Los Angeles as they visit San Francisco in the nightcap of a Monday night doubleheader. However, two games are scheduled for Christmas Day with the Broncos visiting the and the Steelers hosting the .

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“I don’t know how much my wife will think of that, but that’s part of it”, Kubiak said with a laugh. According to Awful Announcing, the Week 13 clash between the Panthers and Seahawks on Sunday Night Football is the top primetime game of them all. Pittsburgh is at Washington in the first game. It will be a tough place to play.

Carolina Panthers Pro Line Square Up jerseyThey split the season series in 2015 as the Vikings won a January 3 matchup at Lambeau to leapfrog their rivals and steal the division. “We always have great games there”.

The Giants have missed the playoffs four years running and Tom Coughlin lost his job because of it. The Cowboys made the playoffs in 2014, but Tony Romo missed nearly all of last season to injury-and lost nine of the 12 he didn’t play. As an added bonus, teams receive a miniature bye week following the games, providing extra recovery time for players on the back end, too.

The Indianapolis Colts play in London on October 2 and do not have a bye week the following. Making things even more interesting: Former USC coach Pete Carroll will be back in the stadium where he led the Trojans to a number of major wins for the first time since leaving the college ranks for the NFL. And the following Sunday, Cincinnati Bengals will host Washington Redskins at Wembley.

George and the No. 7-seeded Pacers face the No. 2-seeded Toronto Raptors in the first round of the playoffs.

Brandon Costa of Sports Video Group recently featured the Panthers video crew, detailing the tireless work that goes into covering the action all the way through the Super Bowl. They follow with games in Oakland against Carolina and Buffalo.

And like most Midwestern transplants to California, the Rams look like they need some time to stay at home and just organize their stuff.

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Round 1: Sterling Shepard WR – Oklahoma

The Panthers don’t need a receiver. Not in the first round or really any other. Kelvin Benjamin will be back with a solid group behind him. But when you have a roster that’s as packed as Carolina’s is and has a few holes as it does, you can afford to get a little greedy and while it may seem slightly unnecessary, grabbing a receiver like Sterling Shepard at the end of the first round could pay huge dividends.

Shepard isn’t known to be one of the top tier receiving talents in this class but he’s right on the cusp and could be a sleeper on the Panthers draft board. He’s a speed threat who burst onto the scene at Oklahoma in his senior season. While his size and speed combo make him a likely slot receiver in the NFL, he can still run a variety of routes on the tree with excellent quickness and the ability to make the tough catches. You can never have too many weapons and with Benjamin and Devin Funchess out wide, Greg Olsen down the seam and Shepard in the slot, this Panthers’ offense could be nearly unstoppable through the air.

Round 2: Kamalai Correa DE – Boise St.

One area that the Panthers need to address is at defensive end where they should look to find Charles Johnson’s eventual replacement. If they forego the position in the first a second round selection seems like a must and with the way things look right now Kamalei Correa may be the perfect fit there.

Correa has solid size, great speed and an explosiveness that oozes potential as a pass rushing threat in the pros. He’s a smart player who isn’t easily tricked by options and reverses, a big bonus in today’s NFL, and combines excellent tackling with great pursuit skills. Sometimes his speed and pursuit angles get the best of him and he overruns plays and his strength will need to improve if he hopes to be a consistent force, but as he is now, he’s an intriguing prospect for the Panthers to consider at end.

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